What can be expected from the dissatisfied electorate in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What are political parties offering and what difference can their promises make? Is the demand for change going to result in significantly different election results?  Would a 'lebanonization' of Bosnia-Herzegovina provide for more prosperous society or societies, or would it lead to final fragmentation? 

Sovereignty and identity in the modern state have been subjected to rapid changes, disagreements and debate about their nature among academics, politicians and citizens. Bosnia-Herzegovina provided them with a very special case to study. In this discussion, Neven Andjelic, Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Human Rights at Regent's University, will focus on key elements, including analysis of what sovereignty means for domestic constituents and will examine the role of international actors in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The presentation underlines the distinction among various interests involved and examines the level of compatibility between ethnic and national identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The discussion introduces an element of ideology, while focusing on recent protests, as well as the reaction to them, and the forthcoming elections later this year. The presentation will also attempt to answer the question whether the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can unite around a single issue.



  • Neven Andjelic

    Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Human Rights at Regent's University London