5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

China and Latin America: Seeking a Path to Sustainable Development

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Co-sponsored by the China Environment Forum and Latin American Program

The rise of China has been a boon to the economies of Latin America for more than a decade, with Chinese investment particularly active in the energy and mining sectors. However, these investments have triggered a new round of environmental degradation and social conflict, which many Latin American governments have failed to manage properly.

At this meeting, speakers will debut a new report that examines not only the environmental conflicts linked to Chinese investment, but also highlight innovative steps taken by Latin American governments and Chinese companies in search of a more balanced approach to commodity-led growth and sustainable development.

NOTE: Unfortunately, there will not be a live webcast of this event. However, a video of the event will be made available a few days after the event. 

(As of Wed, April 15 at 4:30 pm, we are no longer accepting RSVPs due to limited seating.)