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China, the Third World, and the Cold War


China, the Third World, and the Cold War
An International Conference
November 5-7, 2010
Rose Garden Resort, Hangzhou, China

Organized by:
Center for Cold War International History Studies, ECNU
Cold War International History Project, Wilson Center
Cold War History Project, Cornell University

November 5

9:00-9:20 Opening Session
Shen Zhihua (East China Normal University);
Christian Ostermann (The Wilson Center);
Chen Jian (Cornell University)

9:20-11:20 The North Korean Challenge
Chair: Yu Weimin (East China Normal University)
Shen Zhihua (East China Normal University): “North Korea’s Postwar Reconstruction and China’s Economic Aid, 1954-1960”
Hajimu Masuda (Cornell University): “Truth-Making: China’s Entry into the Korean War and the Local Translation of Cold War Logic”
Deng Feng (Northeast Normal University): “Origins of the Korean Armistice Talks: Impact of Alliance Politics on Chinese Foreign Policy”
James Person (The Wilson Center): “Sino-North Korean Relations, 1956-1980: Between Confrontation and Cooperation”
Discussant: Sergey Radchenko (University of Nottingham-Ningbo)

11:30-12:30 Southeast Asia
Chair: Fredrik Logevall (Cornell University)
Niu Jun (Peking University): “Back to East Asia: Sino-Soviet Relations and China’s Changing Policies toward Indochina (1979-1989)”
Sergey Radchenko (University of Nottingham-Ningbo): “The Soviet Union, China, and the Cambodian Settlement”
Discussant: Li Danhui (Editor, Cold War International History Studies)

13:40-15:40 China and South Asia
Chair: Cui Pi (East China Normal University)
David Wolff (Hokkaido University): “Comrade Stalin and the Chinese Way in South and Southeast Asia”
Liu Xiaoyuan (Iowa State University): “Entering the Cold War and Other ‘Wars’: The Tibetan Experience”
Zhan Xin (Northeast Normal University): “The United States, India, and China’s First Nuclear Test”
Sulmaan Khan (Yale University): “Choosing India over Goa: New Evidence on Chinese Third World Policy and the Goan Question, 1961”
Discussant: Liu Chang (East China Normal University)

15:50-17:50 Competing for Third World Leadership Role
Chair: Shen Zhihua (East China Normal University)
Mark Kramer (Harvard University): ‘The Sino-Soviet Competition in the Third World”
Jeremy Friedman (Princeton University): “The Second Battle of Algiers: Aid and Ideology on the Road the Second Bandung”
Li Qianyu (Peking University): “China’s Policy towards the Second Afro-Asian Conference”
Zhang Yang (Northeast Normal University): “Competing tor Potential Leadership Role in the Third World: America’s ‘Young Leaders’ Program in the 1960s”
Discussant: James G. Hershberg (George Washington University)

November 6

Chair: Liu Chang (East China Normal University)
Gregg Brazinsky (George Washington University/the Wilson Center): “Sino-American Competition in East Africa 1964-1966.”
Fukuda Madoka (Kokushikan University, Japan): “Establish Relations with the African Governments of the Republic of Congo, Central Africa, Dahomey and Mauritania”
Ge Jun (East China Normal University): “Technological Training as a ‘ Political Task ‘: A Historical Review of Cuban Trainees in Shanghai, 1962-1965”
Discussants: Jeremy Friedman (Princeton University) and Yu Weimin (East China Normal University)

10:00-11:00 Economics and Trade Relations
Chair: Christian Ostermann (The Wilson Center)
Dai Chaowu (East China Normal University): “Chinese-Indian Economic-Trade Relations, 1950-1959”
Yao Yu (South China Normal University): “Chinese-Soviet Economic Offensive and the Eisenhower Administration’s Perceptions and Domestic Mobilization in the 1950s”
Discussant: Liu Xiaoyuan (Iowa State University)

11:10-12:40 China, “Third-War Countries,” and the Third World
Chair: Niu Jun (Peking University)
James G. Hershberg (George Washington University): “‘Dangerous’ or a ‘Paper Dragon?” A Secret British Foreign Office Debate over China and the Third World, 1965”
Zhang Minjun (Northeast Normal University): “The 1954 Overlord Incident: A Study on the Basis of British Arch vies”
Mircea Munteanu (The Wilson Center): “Sino-Romanian Discussions on Anti-Colonialism and the Third World, 1965-69.”
Discussant: Enrico Fardella (Peking University/Italian Scholar)

19:00 Keynote Speech
Chen Jian (Cornell University): “China’s Changing Policies toward the Third World and the End of the Global Cold War”

November 7

8:45-10:45 Roundtable
Chair: Chen Jian (Cornell University)
Christian Ostermann, Shen Zhihua, Fredrik Logevall, Cui Pi, Mark Kramer, and all participants.