Cities at the Center of the World

The Wilson Center’s Urban Sustainability Laboratory and the Center for Global Studies at George Mason University invite you to a discussion of the nexus between urban growth and globalization. Please join leading urban scholars, practitioners and policy makers for a discussion of the social, spatial and political terrain of cities as critical global centers. The conference will feature panel discussions on: emerging issues in urban development; new directions in global urban research; and, slums, globalization and urban adaptation.

Keynote Address
Cities of Megasecurity: Urban Brazil and Egypt as Laboratories for New Models of Global Governance and Popular Resistance
Paul Amar, Associate Professor, Global & International Studies Program, University of California, Santa Barbara

Desmond Arias
Associate Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

Gilberto Chona
Lead Specialist, Fiscal Policy and Urban Economics, Fiscal and Municipal Management Division, Institutions for Development, Inter-American Development Bank

Beth Chitekwe-Biti
Founding Director, Dialogue on Shelter a Zimbabwe Slum Dwellers International, Member Slum Dwellers International

Ellen Hamilton
Lead Urban Specialist, Urban Development and Resilience Unit, Sustainable Development Network, World Bank

Martin Murray
Professor of Urban Planning, Taubman College and Department of African-American and African Studies (DAAS), University of Michigan

Malini Ranganathan
Assistant Professor, Global Environmental Politics, School of International Service, American University

Xuefei Ren
Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Urban Studies, Michigan State University

Andrew Rudd
Urban Environment Officer, Urban Planning and Design Branch ,UN-Habitat

Rashmi Sadana
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, George Mason University

Kristin Scott
Term Assistant Professor of Integrative Studies and Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies, George Mason University