Colombia's Land Restitution Unit: Advances and Challenges | Wilson Center
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Colombia's Land Restitution Unit: Advances and Challenges

Colombia’s Victims and Land Restitution Law approved in 2011 aimed to restore land and formalize land titles for the nearly six million people forcibly displaced as a result of Colombia’s internal armed conflict. Four years later, despite progress and extensive efforts by the Colombian government to restore lands to their rightful owners, critics continue to raise concerns about the speed of the process and the end results.
Ricardo Sabogal Urrego, Director of Colombia’s Land Restitution Unit (Unidad de Restitución de Tierras), joins us to address both the advances and challenges in implementing the country’s landmark Land Restitution law. This work continues parallel to the peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC, which have also addressed agrarian issues.
Ricardo Sabogal Urrego
Director, Unidad de Restitución de Tierras, Colombia
Cynthia J. Arnson
Director, Latin American Program, Wilson Center
PLEASE NOTE: This event will be conducted in Spanish with no interpretation