Please join the Brazil-U.S. Business Council and the Brazil Institute for the "Brazil Forum - A Complex Web of Ties: Business-Government Links in Brazil" event, as Sergio G. Lazzarini, a renowned professor and author, discusses the dynamics of the “capitalism of ties” found in Brazil's economy and its implications for the strategy of firms established in the Brazilian context.

In the last decades, several restructuring experiments have taken place in the Brazilian economy: privatization of firms in myriad sectors, increased trade openness, foreign direct investment, and, more recently, an initial public offer (IPO) wave, with several firms using stock markets as a capitalization tool.  At first glance, these changes appear to have promoted more liberalization and market-oriented reforms.
However, Brazilian capitalism has not only preserved, but also reinforced, cross ownership ties between domestic owners and groups with participation of central owners associated with the government.
The Economist recently published an article on this "capitalism of ties."


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*NOTE: This event will take place at the Brazil-US Business Council, 1615 H Street, NW Washington DC 20062