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A Conversation with Ambassador Sergio Amaral

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The political transition in Brazil from President Dilma Rousseff to President Michel Temer was a challenging episode of a political crisis bound to culminate in the election of a new leader in October 2018. Until then, the debate about policy direction will intensify, as the new administration moves to advance fiscal policies and the reform agenda necessary to overcome the country’s longest and deepest economic crisis, amid continuing anti-corruption investigations. A repositioning of Brazil’s foreign policy and renewing of relations with the United States on a results oriented basis have been outlined by Foreign Minister José Serra.

On Tuesday September 13, newly appointed Brazilian ambassador to Washington, Sergio Amaral, will discuss Brazil-US relations in the context of the country’s changed international outlook. A retired diplomat called back to duty, Amaral served twice in Washington, most recently in the 1990s as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Brazilian Embassy to the US. He was press secretary and spokesman under President Fernando Henrique Cardoso before being named minister of Development, Industry and Commerce. Amaral was also ambassador to the United Kingdom and France, deputy-minister for the Environment and president of the Brazil-China Business Council.


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Ambassador Anthony S. Harrington, Chairman, Brazil Institute


Ambassador Sergio Amaral


Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute