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A Conversation with Pedro Parente, President and CEO of Petrobras

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As chief of staff under President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Pedro Parente was instrumental in dealing with Brazil´s energy crisis in 2001. Earlier this year, he  was called back to public service by President Michel Temer to lead Petrobras as president and CEO.Since then the Executive Board devised a strategic plan to make the company a more efficient and competitive company in a global oil market transformed by lower prices. The plan—which includes continuing asset sales to lower indebtedness, developing partnerships, and concentrating activities in Petrobras' core business of efficient oil and gas production—has already produced positive results. In a sign of growing investor confidence, shares and market value of the company have doubled.
On November 16, Pedro Parente will address the challenges and opportunities facing Brazil’s largest enterprise in today’s tough energy market. After his presentation, he will engage in dialogue with members of the audience interested in learning about the outlook for Petrobras and energy in Brazil. Petrobras has a key role to play in the national effort to overcome Brazil’s current economic downturn, regain trust and confidence from domestic and foreign investors, and put Brazil back on the path of sustainable and equitable economic growth.


Welcome Remarks:

Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute, Wilson Center


Ambassador Anthony S. Harrington, Chairman, Brazil Institute


Pedro Parente, President and CEO, Petrobras