Chinese environmental law is a rapidly changing field as Chinese lawmakers strive to build a more effective governance institutions to address the country’s severe pollution and natural resource degradation. Since 2006, the U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law has trained thousands of Chinese lawyers, government officials and educators, giving them the skills and academic infrastructure needed to solve environmental and energy challenges in China through the rule of law. At this July 25th meeting CEF has invited two Chinese law scholars and two lawyers to speak about new and emerging trends in the area of environmental law in China, from new public interest law cases to  challenges posed in addressing the severe smog and the activities of a new law clinic requesting information on development in some of China’s most biodiverse nature reserves.


  • Cao Mingde

    China University of Politics and Law
  • Zhang Hui

    SW University of Political Science and Law
  • Chen Yue

    SW Forestry University in Kunming
  • Zhang Xueli

    Attorney and volunteer at All-China Environment Federation
  • Siu Tip Lam

    Vermont Law School