Webcast Recap

Cypriots have long suffered due to the strategic location of their homeland and their interests have, more often than not, been sacrificed in the struggle of Great Powers for influence in the Eastern Mediterranean. The island's troubled history through the millennia and the ongoing quest for a solution to the Cyprus question are eloquent witnesses to that. Is the problem really "intractable" or is there a good prospect for success in the intensive negotiations currently underway, under UN auspices?

Will the shifting geopolitics of the region benefit Cyprus? The possibility of discoveries of fossil fuel deposits in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus is a significant aspect to take into account. How do we ensure that this development is turned into an opportunity to forge and enhance regional co-operation and increase stability and security in the region? How do we ensure that the synergy of events on the island and in the region along with Cyprus' EU membership may provide a new peaceful and prosperous future for all Cypriots and the wider region?