Part 1: COP SHOP II  (差馆II)
12pm - 1:30pm, September 5

Film screening will start at noon on Friday, September 5, with a spotlight screening of COP SHOP II (差馆II). COP SHOP II is an observational documentary that captures daily police operations at Guangzhou Railway Station, one of the busiest transportation hubs, during the most chaotic time of the year - days before the Chinese New Year. You can read more information here and RSVP here.

Part 2: Environmental filmmaking in China: Topics, Challenges and Outcomes
2pm-3:30pm, September 5

We invite our guests to view some clips from Red Fog and Lost, and join a panel discussion with Chinese filmmakers and field experts:

  • Fan He, Filmmaker/Producer of Red Fog
  • Judith Shapiro, Professor, Director for the Dual Degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, School of International Service, American University
  • Martha M. Foster, Founder and President/CEO of Living Earth Television

Moderated by

You can view more details here and RSVP here.