5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Drivers of Insecurity and Instability in the Middle East and South Asia

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The Middle East and South Asia are complex and volatile regions. At this event, Kamran Bokhari, a senior analyst with the intelligence firm Geopolitical Futures and senior fellow with the Center for Global Policy, will identify and discuss three main drivers of insecurity and instability in these two parts of the world: autocratic meltdown, geosectarianism, and jihadism. These drivers play out, according to Dr. Bokhari, in a fragile political environment in which autocracy is no longer viable while democracy is either failing to emerge or struggling to take root. The result is the formation of large, ungoverned spaces that give rise to violent extremists. Dr. Bokhari will also address the consequences of all these developments for five key regional players: India, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


  • Kamran Bokhari

    Senior Analyst, Geopolitical Futures; Senior Fellow, Center for Global Policy