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Elections in Latin America

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In functioning democratic systems, elections represent a chance for citizens to freely choose their leaders.  But they also put into sharp relief the key political, economic, and social challenges and cleavages countries face.  As the new year begins, we will take stock of three important elections that took place in 2013, and look ahead to what 2014 holds in some of the critical races of the hemisphere. 

Chile:     Roberto Brodsky, Georgetown University
Honduras Manuel Torres Calderón, National University of Honduras (UNAH)
Venezuela Francisco Monaldi, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración
and Harvard University
Brazil:   Maria Cristina Fernandes, Valor Econômico
Colombia Mauricio Vargas, El Tiempo
El Salvador Cristina Eguizábal, National Development Foundation (Funde) 
Uruguay Rafael Piñeiro, Universidad Católica del Uruguay


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Latin America 2013: Political and Electoral Balance, by Daniel Zovatto