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The Africa Program and the Leadership Project at the Wilson Center join in inviting you to a discussion with Reverend Apollinaire Malu Malu, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo's Independent Electoral Commission. Reverend Malu Malu will be presenting his views on recent events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as the nation moves towards elections. He will be addressing both the political and security challenges facing the country in the run-up to elections, which have recently been rescheduled for July 30th, 2006.

A Catholic priest and professor of political science at the University of Butembo, Reverend Malu Malu is President of the DRC's Independent Electoral Commission, the body charged with overseeing what will be the nation's first multi-party elections in 45 years, and the largest electoral undertaking ever supported by the international community. Herbert Weiss is a Senior Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Professor emeritus at Brooklyn College, CUNY. He is also a Research Scholar with the Institute of African Studies at Columbia University, and has written extensively on the Democratic Republic of Congo.