From Evidence to Action: How Can Policy Close the Gender Gap? | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

From Evidence to Action: How Can Policy Close the Gender Gap?

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Ambassador Deborah Birx and Global Experts Discuss Data and the Gender Gap

Current policy debates highlight the need for more hard evidence to identify problems, prove results, and change lives. But what happens when there are gaps in the data, particularly a lack of sex-diaggregated data? Will the gender data gap further marginalize women and girls?

Join the Women in Public Service Project, Plan International USA, and the Environmental Change and Security Program for a timely conversation that will highlight major initiatives filling the gender data gap. These efforts seek to connect data to action, catalyzing effective interventions by advocates, policymakers, and implementers and fueling progress toward gender equality.

The conversation will focus on existing efforts seeking to connect data and evidence with advocacy and action, hoping to fuel progress towards gender equality. These include the Women in Public Service Project's Global Women's Public Leadership Index, which explores where women are in policy and political globally across sectors at the national and sub-national level; Equal Measures 2030, which partners to fill gender data gaps across the women and girls agenda; and the data-driven PEPFAR DREAMS partnership. 

This event is part of a joint Wilson Center series with Plan International USA entitled “Leadership for Accelerating Progress for Women and Girls.” Learn more about Plan’s work here.

Cover Photo: World Bank Photo Collection via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)




  • Ambassador Deborah L. Birx, MD

    Coordinator of the United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS (PEPFAR) and U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy


  • Roger-Mark De Souza

    Global Fellow and Advisor
    Former Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience