Since Kosovo's declaration of independence in February 2008, it has been in limbo, as have Serbia, the EU and the broader international community. The hurry to finish the period of Yugoslav dissolution and conflict resulted in something other than the end of transitional administration and creation of a final frontier desired. Instead, there was a messy proliferation of transitional states, in even murkier circumstances than there had been previously. Broader regional drift has accompanied this process, with worries about Bosnia and Hercegovina increasing. It is time for new thinking to ensure security and stability in the Western Balkans - and make sense of the international stake placed there over two decades. The EU must provide the framework for change, but will only do so with a consistent lead from Washington DC. The EU is internally divided on embracing the countries of the region. Yet, only a clear commitment to membership can take the region, the EU and the international community forward. The starting point for this is to secure agreement on making Kosovo an EU 'Free Territory' pending eventual membership for all lands in the region - which requires a firm commitment to, and timetable for, membership of the Union.

This event will take place in the 6th floor boardroom.