Webcast Recap

The Arctic continues to draw considerable attention from the international community. Both Arctic and non-Arctic nations are grappling with the looming environmental and security challenges that accompany the possibility of an ice-free Arctic. At the same time, they are assessing how to take advantage of the region's vast economic potential in a sustainable manner. Though much remains to be resolved, there is a growing consensus that issues surrounding the Arctic concern not only Arctic, but non-Arctic countries as well. This conference explored efforts on behalf of Arctic and non-Arctic nations to cooperate on key environmental, security, and economic issues and foster discussion on pressing Arctic governance questions.

Key issues addressed were: How well do existing governing structures address Arctic issues? Is it possible to demonstrate a governance approach that results in mutual gain and sets a precedent for international cooperation? How can non-Arctic nations with economic and environmental interests in the Far North be involved in a meaningful way in the governance of the Arctic?