Webcast Recap

Daniela Salaverry, Pacific Environment
Chris LaDue, Mountain Institute

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For the past several years, Pacific Environment has been supporting the growth of China's emerging environmental movement: community leaders, students, scientists, and others who are raising awareness about their country's environmental problems and encouraging their fellow citizens to take action. Wen Bo has spoken at previous CEF meetings about Pacific Environment's small grant and capacity-building work around marine protection and wildlife trade. Daniela Salaverry will be discussing Pacific Environment's support of grassroots organizations addressing China's severe water pollution problems. While the statistics around water pollution are stark—over 300 million people lack access to clean drinking water—there are numerous inspiring examples of grassroots activism to clean up China's waters. Just back from China, Salaverry will report back on the incredible work of Pacific Environment's partners.

Few NGOs have long-term experience in working on environmental issues in Tibetan areas of China, which makes Chris LaDue's visit to CEF a particular treat. He will talk about The Mountain Institute's Peak Enterprise Program, which for over 10 years has worked with communities, local governments, and businesses to promote sustainable and profitable economic activity in ecologically sensitive mountain areas in Tibet. Initial Peak Enterprise Program activities in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China were piloted with the Tibet Federation of Industry and Commerce between 1996 and 2005 and focused on the development of the dairy, rural construction, and environmental and cultural tourism sectors and the development of small- and medium-sized private businesses and markets within them.

The Mountain Institute is also undertaking new projects in agro-business development and cultural heritage tourism in Tibetan areas of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. In these areas they are working with private sector partners in China to promote environmentally friendly building practices and biogas greenhouses in low-income rural areas.

Location: 6th Floor Moynihan Board Room