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Habitat III: What Role for Innovation?

Habitat III: What Role for Innovation? (Web)

The Wilson Center's Urban Sustainability Laboratory, Cisco Systems, and the Meeting of the Minds invite you to a web-exclusive roundtable discussion from telepresence locations in Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, and Mexico City. Please join us by WebEx as participants discuss the role that advanced technology can play in achieving the core objectives of Habitat III. The roundtable will focus on priorities and opportunities that must be addressed by the "New Urban Agenda." 


Ana Marie Argilagos
Senior Advisor to Just Cities and Metropolitan Opportunities Initiative, Ford Foundation

Eugenie Birch
Professor of Urban Research and Education, University of Pennsylvania; Chair, World Urban Campaign

Ned Cabot
Manager, CISCO Systems

Gabriella Gomez-Mont
Director, Laboratorio para la Ciudad

Alejandro González Arreola
Director General de GESOC, Gestión Social y Cooperación A.C. y Co-Presidente del sector de sociedad civil de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto

Ellis J. Juan
General Coordinator, Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI), Vice Presidency of Sectors and Knowledge (VPS), Inter-American Development Bank

Ana Moreno
Coordinator of the Habitat III Secretariat, UN-Habitat

Judith Pollock
Deputy Director, Shell Foundation

Robin Ried
Urban Planning Consultant, Bloomberg Associates

Mary Skelton Roberts
Senior Program Officer for the Environment, Barr Foundation

Orson Watson
Program Advisor, Community Revitalization Program, Garfield Foundation


Gordon Feller
Director, CISCO Systems; Founder, Meeting of the Minds

Blair Ruble
Vice President for Programs, and Director, Urban Sustainability Laboratory, Wilson Center

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