Hong Kong and US-China relations: What Are the Options? | Wilson Center

Hong Kong and US-China relations: What Are the Options?

The Hong Kong protests have entered their 5th month with no resolution in sight. Emotions run high in the SAR, Beijing, and Washington. Stakeholder decisions over the next few months could have secondary effects on Taiwan’s January elections, U.S.-China trade frictions, Chinese soft power and, centrally, the future of the people of Hong Kong.

Please join the Wilson Center for dispassionate analysis of the options facing the demonstrators, the Hong Kong government, Beijing, and the United States.



  • Robert Daly

    Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States


  • Ho-fung Hung

    Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Professor in Political Economy , Johns Hopkins University
  • James V. Feinerman

    James M. Morita Professor of Asian Legal Studies, Co-Director, Georgetown Law Asia, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Yun Sun

    Co-Director, East Asia Program and China Program Director, Henry L. Stimson Center