Susan Braden, Senior Policy Advisor, State Department;
Nita Evele Executive Board Member, Congo Global Action;
Judithe Registere, Outreach & Development Director, Women for Women International;
Sandra Melone, Executive Vice President, Search for Common Ground

Human Security is an ongoing emergency situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Reports of rape and massacres of civilians are regularly coupled with reports of MONUSCO's ineffectiveness and the active participation of the national army in human rights violations. Moving beyond the grim descriptions of human rights abuses, what is the role of civil society in protection, fostering stability and building peace? What policy mechanisms are available in the short and long terms to address these critical issues at the national and international level?

This event was hosted by the Great Lakes Policy Forum, of which the Africa Program and Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity are Principles. For a full summary of this event, please click here.