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Immigration Reform in Russia

Part of IERES’ Behind the Headlines Series

Russia receives the second most immigrants in the world after the United States. Due to this fact, immigration reform and the national migration concept have been the primary focus of federal migration policy debates in recent years. The speakers will offer their views on Russian immigration law and enforcement and the national migration concept adopted in June 2012. They will discuss the expansion of illegal migration from former Soviet republics, the employment of foreign citizens (including highly-skilled migrants), and issues related to the removal of foreign nationals.
Olga Gulina, Junior Professor, Law Institute, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in
Samara, received a Starovoitova Fellowship to examine the topic “Human Rights vs. Migrant rights: Key Legislative Challenges and Political Developments in Modern Society.”
Alisa Oblezova, Senior Lecturer, Labor Law and Social Security Department, Perm State University is also currently based at the Kennan Institute on a Kennan-Fulbright grant to study “Prevention of Discrimination against Migrant Workers in Labor Law: Comparative Analysis of the Legislative and Law-Enforcement Practices in Russia and the U.S.”
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  • Alisa Oblezova

    Former Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholar
    Senior Lecturer, Labor Law and Social Security Department, Perm State University
  • Dr. Olga R. Gulina

    Former Galina Starovoitova Fellow on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
    Founder & CEO of the RUSMPI – Institute on Migration Policy