Webcast Recap

Amid growing problems between Turkey and Israel, a new pact might just be developing with Greece. Recent events in the Eastern Mediterranean have escalated tensions between Israel, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Given this scenario, the U.S., EU, NATO and even UN maybe faced with a new reality in the region. This talk will focus on the Israeli-Greek relationship and pay particular attention to the energy-related politics in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the root of the most recent developments. Within the past year, an informal and multifaceted alliance has emerged between Israel and Greece that includes cooperation in fields such as energy, trade, tourism, diplomacy and defense. Making use of field research and elite interviews, the speaker will examine the reasons that led to this partnership, if it has long-term prospects, whether it is conducive to regional stability, as well as what role can be played by the U.S. and other international actors.   


  • Aristotle Tziampiris

    Associate Professor of International Relations, Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus (Greece)