On average, American CEOs earn twice as much as their counterparts in other OECD nations, and 304 times as much as the average American employee, often for doing a fairly lousy, or in many recent cases, criminally terrible job. In his new book, It Takes a CEO: It's Time to Lead with Integrity, former CEO Leo Hindery examines how America's business leaders have lost the trust of the public and their sense of duty to shareholder, worker, and community. However, Hindery sees in most CEOs and their successors the best hope for curing America's economic problems, if only their courage and sense of responsibility to all their stakeholders—and not just those belonging to Wall Street—could be restored.

Leo Hindery, Jr. is managing director of the InterMedia Partners, a major private equity firm. Prior to starting that company, Hindery was CEO of the YES Network, chairman and CEO of GlobalCenter Inc., president and CEO of AT&T Broadband, and president and CEO of Telecommunications, Inc. (TCI). A graduate of Stanford Business School and Seattle University, Hindery is also the author of The Biggest Game of All.

The author will be available to sign books at a brief reception following the event.