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Launch of the Global Futures Intelligence System and the 2012 State of the Future report

January 16, 2013 // 12:00pm1:30pm

Please click here to view the webcast. 

The Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS) is the next generation interactive technology to support those exploring global change and potential futures for humanity.  It integrates: a) all of The Millennium Project’s 10,000+ pages of futures research over the past 16 years from the annual State of the Future reports, b) expert groups, c) 46 Nodes (groups of individuals and institutions that connect local and global research) around the world, d) Futures Research Methodology (39 chapters totaling 1,300 pages internationally peer-reviewed methods to explore the future), and software into a unique on-line collective intelligence system. 

Everything in GFIS can be updated, improved, and annotated in real-time, by experts around the world and subscribers via rapid review processes. This is the first globally-oriented collective intelligence system that does not focus on a single issue, ideology, or country, but the future of humanity as-a-whole. Previously The Millennium Project produced an annual updated text on 15 Global Challenges; The GFIS menu for each of the 15 Global Challenges includes a situation chart, one-page overview, several hundred pages of searchable text, scanning system, news feeds, Real-Time Delphi, models, discussion groups, top resources (websites, books, papers), digests, user-defined alerts, and lists of all edits to everything in the system. 

A light lunch will be served at noon. 

5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center
Event Speakers List: 
  • Millennium Project
  • David Rejeski // Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program; Interim Director, Commons Lab
  • Chief Information Officer, The Millennium Project
  • National Science Foundation
  • Professor of International Affairs, George Washington University and former National Security Adviser to Vice President Al Gore
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