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co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Wilson Center's Western European Studies Program, and the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

Svend Åge Christensen - Senior Research Fellow, Cold War Studies, DIIS
Søren Jensen, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Denmark, Washington, DC

Svend Åge Christensen will discuss his comprehensive four volume report, commissioned by the Nyrup Rasmussen and Fogh Rasmussen governments. The report's purpose is not just to elucidate Denmark's strategy concerning its security policy in response to the Soviet military threat to Denmark, but also to present a thorough analysis of Denmark's national security policy with emphasis on the period leading up to the end of the Cold War. Efforts of the Warsaw Pact allies to influence Danish security policy, directly or indirectly through political organizations or the political parties, are brought forward as being of special interest to the Commission.