Webcast Recap

Lynn Price, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Barbara Finamore, Natural Resources Defense Council
David Doniger, Natural Resources Defense Council

In a specialized field like energy efficiency, there are often great ideas, but ideas are only the first step. The trick lies in translating them into great programs and then getting others to understand how they work and their implications for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. At this October 16th meeting, hear from experts working on every side of this multi-faceted process. Lynn Price, Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, is an expert on energy efficiency. A true scientist, her work involves benchmarking, modeling and measuring energy efficiency savings program for the industrial sector in China. Barbara Finamore, a Senior Attorney and China Program Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, is a long-standing, well-respected environmental leader in the U.S. and China. Finamore uses scientific data produced by those like Lynn Price and LBNL to develop pilot projects on the ground in China with demand side management efficiency programs, building efficiency pilot projects and more. David Doniger, the Climate Center Policy Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, is a fixture of the environmental advocacy world. His duties include translating the science and the results of pilot programs into both US climate policy and international agreements and advocating for models proven effective by the work that Price and Finamore are able to do. Together these three leaders in their field are able to make energy efficiency come alive for both China and the U.S. developing, experimenting with and explaining policies and programs for today and tomorrow in the fight against global climate change.

Location: 6th Floor Auditorium