Webcast Recap

The Mexico Institute was happy to host the Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI) of the U.S.-Mexico Foundation (USMF), which has been in development since 2010 for the purpose of fostering constructive responses and partnerships between the societies of the U.S. and Mexico. Since then 2010, Mexican American leaders have been gathering in cities across the country to fashion their own means by which to promote a spirit of shared responsibility in facing the emerging security crisis in Mexico.

The First Annual Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI) Conference marked the public launch of this historic initiative, and in doing so, it gather a critical mass of Mexican American leaders from across the country to address these critical issues for the first time. With important contributions from key Mexican American leaders as well as other prominent officials drawn from government, the NGO community, and business, the Conference provided up-to-date briefings on developments in Mexico including perspectives on how U.S. diaspora communities can make a difference in relations with their ancestral countries of origin.