Webcast Recap

Steve Wolfsen, Environmental Protection Agency
Tad Ferris, Holland and Knight
Dan Guttman, Peking University School of Law Public Interest Law Program

The number of new and amended environmental laws and regulations that were passed or came into force in China last year was impressive. The ones that garnered the most attention were the laws targeting energy conservation, water pollution, environmental information disclosure, and the plastic bag ban. There were, however, many other less noticed, but important legal trends, such as new listings added to China's inventory of existing chemical substances and expansion of energy efficiency labeling programs. There has also been some interesting convergence between some environmental laws and plans--an issue that has received little discussion outside of China.

At this January 15th our three speakers are all environmental lawyers who have considerable experience working with Chinese policymakers and environmental law professionals. Each speaker will offer insights into the past and emerging environmental regulatory trends in China, discussing--as the meeting title implies--some of the gaps and opportunities for collaboration with U.S. and other international partners.

Location: Woodrow Wilson Center, 5th Floor Conference Room