Webcast Recap

In advance of the July 6 visit of the Prime Minister of Canada to Washington, Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson will address the important linkages and areas of cooperation between the United States and Canada.

No other "neighbor-nation"' in the world can claim the shared heritage that Canada and the United States have enjoyed in the last 140-plus years—a relationship that affects all of us on a daily basis. Our countries are united not just by the world's longest, safest, un-militarized border and the largest commercial relationship, but more importantly by family, kinship, and shared values.

Ambassador Wilson's address will provide an opportunity to review the issues that are likely to be on the agenda when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets President Bush in July. The Canada-U.S. relationship has many facets that encompass multilateral cooperation, extensive bilateral initiatives, and the occasional difference in opinion. Ambassador Wilson will discuss how we respect each others' different points of view and at the same time how we constructively engage each other on issues of individual national importance.

About Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson assumed his responsibilities as Ambassador on March 13, 2006, becoming the 22nd representative of Canada to the United States.

Michael Wilson was chairman of UBS Canada, where he oversaw all UBS operations including the investment bank, pension fund management, and wealth management businesses.

Prior to joining UBS in July 2001, Wilson was responsible for RBC Financial Group's institutional asset management business. He also served as a Vice Chairman of RBC Dominion Securities, responsible for senior client relationships and advice to both Canadian and international companies and governments.

In 1979, Wilson was elected to the House of Commons, and in September 1984, he was appointed Minister of Finance and remained in that role until May 1991. He then became Minister of Industry, Science and Technology and Minister for International Trade. During his tenure as member of the Cabinet, he represented Canada at the IMF, IBRD, OECD, GATT and the G-7 Ministers meetings.

Prior to his career in public life, Wilson career was in investment banking with responsibilities in corporate, government and international finance. Michael was director of a number of companies including BP p.l.c. and Manulife Financial.

Ambassador Wilson has been active in a number of professional and community organizations including NeuroScience Canada Partnership, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships and the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and has honorary degrees from the University of Toronto and York University.