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The Wilson Center's North Korea International Documentation Project and Asia Program in cooperation with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies and University of North Korean Studies will host the first annual IFES/UNKS Washington Forum on January 29, 2010.

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Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula will feature senior South Korean, Chinese, and U.S. policymakers and academics and explore the most pressing international issues affecting peace and security on the Korean peninsula and their deep historical roots. Panels will discuss the historic and current role of stakeholder nations in influencing North Korean policy, limits to China's influence over the DPRK, and patterns in U.S.-ROK policy coordination on North Korea.

Welcome Remarks by Lee H. Hamilton, President and Director, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Park Jae Kyu, President, Kyungnam University.

Keynote Address by Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg

Luncheon Address by Director of the National Counterproliferation Center of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, former North Korea Mission Manager for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Special Envoy to the Six Party Talks.


Charles K. Armstrong, Columbia University; Victor Cha, Georgetown University; Kang Choi, Institute for Foreign Affairs and National Security; Young-sun Ha, Seoul National University; Byung-Kook Kim, Korea University; Tae Hyun Kim, Chungang University; Samuel Kim, Columbia University; Alexandre Mansourov, Johns Hopkins, SAIS; Christian F. Ostermann, Woodrow Wilson Center; James F. Person, Woodrow Wilson Center; Kihl-jae Ryoo, University of North Korean Studies; William Stueck, University of Georgia; Amb. Jounyung Sun, University of North Korean Studies; Robert Sutter, Georgetown University; Zhu Feng, Beijing University

Download the complete program.

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