6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Perestroika: The Last Attempt to Create the New Soviet Person

Co-sponsored by the History and Public Policy Program.

Perestroika is most frequently interpreted retrospectively, as the final stage in the Soviet Union’s demise and part of a broader transition to capitalist democracy. Dr. Courtney Doucette goes back to the reforms’ inception in 1985, however, to study the intentions of perestroika’s architects.  With discussant Steven Harris, Doucette will analyze how these pivotal reforms were designed to overcome a pervasive moral crisis by refreshing the populace and attempting to create a more engaged Soviet citizen.


  • Courtney Doucette

    Title VIII Research Scholar
    Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Connecticut College
  • Steven E. Harris

    Associate Professor and Waple Professor, Department of History and American Studies, University of Mary Washington