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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is committed to assisting the Government of Afghanistan in ensuring the health and well being of the Afghan people. As part of this commitment, HHS has worked with Leapfrog Enterprises Inc., a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of technology-based educational products, to create a unique health education program for use in Afghan health clinics and communities throughout the country. The first product is the Afghan Family Health Book dealing with women and children's health issues.

A team of HHS multidisciplinary health care professionals developed the content of the book, which is culturally and linguistically appropriate and has been field tested in Afghanistan. Focusing on health promotion and disease prevention, the book contains useful and practical information for the people of Afghanistan. The Afghan Family Health Book expands personal knowledge about the ability to practice healthy behaviors to ensure wellness and reduce risk of disease. The Department of HHS plans to distribute the books across Afghanistan into hospitals, clinics, women's health centers, and individual homes in mid-July, and hopes to provide approximately one million women with access to these books within a year.