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A President's Health: What Can and Should We Know

The health of our presidents has long been a subject of fascination for voters, pundits and presidential historians alike. How much can the voters really know about the medical histories of their chief executives? And how much should candidates be obligated to disclose?

Three veteran scholars and analysts of the presidency and presidential health discussed the health of the candidates and how medical issues have figured in past presidencies.


The Honorable Jane Harman
Director, President and CEO, The Wilson Center


Lawrence Altman
"The Doctor's World" columnist for The New York Times and Wilson Center Fellow

Mark Bloom
Former Science Editor, New York Daily News and Editor-in-Chief of Physician's Weekly

Robert Dallek
Professor emeritus of History, UCLA and author of JFK: An Unfinished Life and Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power


Aaron David Miller
Vice President for New Initiatives, The Wilson Center