4th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Private Sector Roles for the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Panel Discussion on Managing Our Planet

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When delegates met in New York City last month they were tasked with an ambitious goal of developing a new framework based off of the Millennium Development Goals launched in 2000. Working off the success of the previous 15 years, the issue has turned from achieving success in major milestones such as reducing poverty, ending hunger and reducing inequality to ensuring that they continue and are sustainable. The result, 17 broad goals, accompanied by 169 specific targets.

On October 28, a panel of experts will discuss what these goals entail and how they will be incorporated into an already existing framework. Leading members working with the private sector will discuss their roles in developing the goals and targets and where funding for the ambitious plans, expected to cost about $2-$3 trillion dollars per year, will come from and who can emerge as a leader to bring about meaningful change.

The conversation is part of the ongoing “Managing Our Planet” series, jointly developed by George Mason University and the Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute and its Environmental Change and Security Program. The series, now in its fourth year, is premised on the fact that humanity’s impacts are planetary in scale and require planetary-scale solutions.


  • Angel Cabrera

    President, George Mason University
  • Terry Yosie

    President and CEO, World Environment Center
  • Dann Sklarew

    Associate Director, Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University