6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Promoting Peace and Prosperity in Honduras: A Conversation with His Excellency Juan Orlando Hernández, President of the Republic of Honduras

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Honduras is one of three Northern Triangle Countries in Central America that has experienced significant challenges in recent years. In response to the 2014 crisis of child migration, Honduras has joined with its neighbors to develop a forward-looking plan to address the economic and security needs that are motivating migration. The Plan for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle seeks to address the drivers of migration by encouraging investment in infrastructure and energy projects, improving public security, strengthening justice systems and building public confidence in state institutions. 

Please note: President Hernández will deliver remarks in Spanish; simultaneous interpretation will be provided. 

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  • His Excellency Juan Orlando Hernández

    President of the Republic of Honduras
  • Andrew Selee

    Former Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute
    President, Migration Policy Institute
  • Katya Rimkunas

    Deputy Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, International Republican Institute
  • Jim Swigert

    Regional Director, Latin America and Caribbean Programs, National Democratic Institute