Putin’s System: Why It is Stable and Why It Will Fail Anyway

There will be a webcast of this event

Faced with the apparent paradox of Putin’s high level of support in the face of decreasing quality of life, many experts resort to clichés, citing the Russian citizen’s predilection for authoritarianism or apathy towards freedom. Leonid Gozman will argue that this popular support has perfectly rational explanations, and how, nonetheless, the symptoms of the regime’s ultimate collapse are inherent to the system and already visible today.

This event will be in Russian with English translation.


  • Leonid Gozman

    Former Short-Term Scholar
    President, Union of Right Forces
  • Sergey Parkhomenko

    Senior Advisor
    Journalist, "Echo of Moscow" Radio; Former Editor-in-Chief, Itogi, Vokrug Sveta