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Quebec and the United States: A Long Standing Partnership for Prosperity

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On February 19, 2016 the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Wilson Center's Canada Institute hosted Premier Philippe Couillard to discuss trade and investment opportunities in Québec. This was his first official visit to Washington.
Elected party leader and Premier of Québec in 2014, Premier Philippe Couillard is a neurosurgeon, former cabinet minister, Member of Parliament, and respected leader, both in Canada and on the world stage.
Québec is a long standing economic partner of the United States. With over $81 billion in annual bilateral trade in 2015, the Québec-U.S. relationship is a model for regional economic integration. With strong commercial ties on both sides of the border - from harmonized supply chains and regulatory frameworks, to virtually seamless industry operations in both countries - the U.S. and Québec are strong business partners, with new opportunities for investment and growth in all sectors.