Greek Prime Minister Simitis Promotes Balkan Cooperation At Washington Forum, Reception

Washington, D.C. -- The Western Policy Center, a member of the Host Committee of the NATO 50th Anniversary Summit, today hosted a reception honoring Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis in conjunction with his formal address before a distinguished audience of U.S. government officials, foreign policy experts, diplomats and journalists at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
"We are pleased to work with the distinguished Woodrow Wilson Center, and former House International Relations Committee Chairman Lee Hamilton, in welcoming Greek Prime Minister Simitis to Washington for the NATO Summit," said John Sitilides, Executive Director of the center. "Greece's stalwart support for the NATO alliance, and the Prime Minister's vision of peace, prosperity and security in the Balkans in the years ahead, serve to enhance the U.S.-Greece relationship and strengthen Greece's potential as a critical stabilizing power throughout southeastern Europe."
The Western Policy Center is a Washington-based foreign policy organization promoting U.S. interests and Western institutions in southeastern Europe by strengthening the debate on American foreign policy toward NATO allies Greece and Turkey, and toward Cyprus. It analyzes current U.S. foreign policy towards and develops policy recommendations for the region, emphasizing the need to help solve Greek-Turkish problems in the Aegean and in Cyprus, stabilize the eastern Mediterranean region, and strengthen Westernize values and ideas throughout the area.
Today's event, a joint presentation of the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Western Policy Center, is the latest in a series of high-profile Washington events promoting the importance of Greece to the United States on matters of security, regional cooperation, trade, and foreign investment. In recent months, the Western Policy Center successfully organized speakers forums before similar audiences in Washington D.C. for U.S. Ambassador to Greece Nicholas Burns and former Greek Minister of Development Vaso Papandreou, as well as closed-door seminars with U.S., Greek and Turkish officials.
The Center publishes an exclusive bi-monthly report on developments in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and the Balkans for more than 1,100 government officials in the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department and Congress, as well as foreign policy experts, diplomats and journalists. In recent months, it has also published several editorials in major U.S. newspapers regarding the current crisis in Yugoslavia, and topics such as the future of Greek-Turkish relations and Cyprus security issues.
The Center was founded in California in 1994, and established official operations in Washington D.C. in 1998.