Webcast Recap

The recent devastation of hurricane Sandy in northeastern U.S. is a reminder that even the best-equipped nation faces difficult challenges for recovery in the aftermath of a crippling natural disasterOn January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, an already impoverished and vulnerable nation, killing over 220,000 people and leaving 1.6 million internally displacedDespite the challenges in the reconstruction process, positive signs of recovery and progress are emerging throughout Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas.

A panel of experts will discuss comprehensive strategies for urban development that take into account brick and mortar reconstruction along with job creation, security, access to land, and delivery of basic services such as health, water and sanitation. Panelists will offer regional and U.S. perspectives as well as a view from the ground to reflect upon what it takes to build back betterin Haiti.