6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Redefining Manufacturing: The Service Sector’s Role in Boosting U.S. Competitiveness and Resilience

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The Trump administration is looking to rebuild the U.S. manufacturing base using domestic economic and international trade policies. What is too often unnoticed is the major role that services industries play in manufacturing from the production process through distribution and aftersales maintenance of products. Services account for nearly a quarter of manufacturing input, from telecommunications to distribution and financial services, resulting in dramatic improvements in manufacturing efficiency. Smart technologies have undoubtedly raised productivity, but often overlooked is the balance of payments surplus U.S. services providers generate in the U.S. trade accounts. Coverage of services trade in U.S. trade agreements helps maintain that competitiveness. Join us for a discussion on the intersection of services and manufacturing to assess the role services play in the manufacturing process. From reducing costs to enhancing productivity, the services further manufacturers remain competitiveness on a global level, which in turn benefits the U.S. trade position. The role of services in the broader economy, as well as the role of cloud computing, and development of worker skills and training for the manufacturing sector will be discussed. This event is co-hosted by the Coalition of Services Industries.



  • Meg Lundsager

    Public Policy Fellow
    Former U.S. Executive Director and Alternate Executive Director, International Monetary Fund