Reforming the Ranks: Assessing Police Reform Efforts in Mexico | Wilson Center
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Reforming the Ranks: Assessing Police Reform Efforts in Mexico

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The Washington Office on Latin America and the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute are pleased to invite you to "Reforming the Ranks: Assessing Police Reform Efforts in Mexico."

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced widespread changes to Mexico’s federal security forces, including placing the federal police under the direction of the Ministry of the Interior and creating a national gendarmerie, which will be made up of approximately 10,000 soldiers at its inception. As these changes begin to take shape, it is important to examine the progress that has already been made to reform Mexico’s federal police forces, as well as the long-standing challenges to that remain, particularly in the area of police accountability.  

Please join us for this expert panel, which will discuss the current state of police reform in Mexico, issues that the Peña Nieto government must address to create strong and accountable federal security forces, and ways the United States might support these efforts.


  • Ernesto López Portillo

    Executive Director, Institute for Security and Democracy (Insyde), Mexico
  • Juan Salgado Ibarra

    Researcher, Department of Legal Studies, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), Mexico
  • John Bailey

    Professor, Georgetown University