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Regulating Environment and Safety in Mexico’s New Energy Sector: A Conversation with Carlos de Regules

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A major feature of Mexico’s reform of its hydrocarbons sector, has been the creation of a new regulatory agency to oversee environmental protection and industrial safety, the Agencia Seguridad, Energia y Ambiente (ASEA). Since March 2015, the ASEA has developed into a major player in the hydrocarbons sector, coming under intense scrutiny from analysts, observers and the industry itself. The Mexico Institute is pleased to invite you to a conversation with Carlos de Regules, Executive Director  of ASEA, to discuss the regulatory environment in Mexico, the capacity of the ASEA to provide for efficient and effective regulation and the agency’s cooperation with other bodies in Mexico and here in the United States.


Carlos de Regules
Executive Director, National Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment (ASEA) 


Duncan Wood
Director, Mexico Institute