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Is Russia Becoming Central Asia's Near Abroad?: Distinguished Speaker Lecture with S. Frederick Starr

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Russia's relationship to Central Asia has always been distinctive and ambiguous, in contrast to its attitude toward both Ukraine and the Caucasus. Only in the twentieth century did it develop a deep sense of mission there, and then only at the hands of a small number of ideologues.  
Today, Central Asia is fast recovering its traditional regional spirit, which increasingly impacts its former imperial ruler. As this happens, Russia, while remaining a force to be reckoned with in Central Asia, is also becoming an object of Central Asian geopolitical and cultural influence. Hence the notion of Russia as Central Asia's "near abroad."    
 Dr. S. Frederick Starr addressed this topic in his Distinguished Speaker Lecture on October 2nd.


  • S. Frederick Starr

    Founding Chairman and Distinguished Fellow, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, American Foreign Policy Council; Founding Director, Kennan Institute