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Situation Briefing: Crisis in Sudan

The US Sudan Business Council briefs members of the Middle East Program and Sudan Working Group on the current political situation and economic distress.

Date & Time

Apr. 11, 2019
2:00pm – 3:00pm ET


4th Floor, Woodrow Wilson CenterConference Room
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During their visit to Washington, the US Sudan Business Council offered a timely debriefing to members of the Middle East Program and Sudan Working Group at the Wilson Center on the recent political and economic crisis. The provided a detailed account of the regime structure and the protest movement, in addition to an in-depth look on the Sudanese economy and nature of problems facing the business environment.

Hosted By

The MENA Workforce Development Initiative

The Middle East and North Africa Workforce Development Initiative (MENA-WDI) aims to assess both current and projected challenges facing the region in developing the workforce and the implications for peace and stability.   Read more

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