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Speaking Rights to Power: Constructing Political Will

"Speaking Rights to Power: Constructing Political Will" is a path-breaking study by Professor Alison Brysk in which she analyzes how human rights rhetoric works, and how to make it work better.  In this latest book, Brysk extracts the lessons from twenty years of study of human rights campaigns on five continents,  from Aung San Suu Kyi to Anna Hazare, from Congo to Colombia, and from the Arab Spring to Pussy Riot.  Her information politics approach shows that human rights campaigns gain greater recognition and response when they combine compelling speakers, well-framed messages, recognizable patterns, public performances, skillful use of appropriate media, and the construction of attentive audience circuits.


  • Alison Brysk

    Former Fellow
    Author, The Struggle for Freedom from Fear: Contesting Violence against Women at the Frontiers of Globalization