A full summary and partial transcript of the talk will be posted shortly.

A discussion of the role women peacemakers play in promoting stability and reconstruction in Sudan, sponsored by the Africa Program and Conflict Prevention Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center and Inclusive Security: Women Waging Peace.

Ambassador Swanee Hunt, chair of Inclusive Security: Women Waging Peace and Ambassador Donald Steinberg, senior fellow at US Institute of Peace have recently returned from Khartoum, Sudan and Nairobi, Kenya where they consulted with over 120 Sudanese women about opportunities and impediments to women's empowerment in Sudan, and presented their findings. This meeting will provide an opportunity to reflect on the current peace process, ongoing crisis in Darfur, and the status of women throughout Sudan. The discussion focused on the results of consultations with officials from the United Nations, United States, Kenyan, and Norwegian Governments, as well as representatives of the Governments of Sudan and Southern Sudan.

Prior to joining the United States Institute for Peace, Donald Steinberg served as Director of the Joint Policy Initiative at the State Department, Special Representative of Presidents Bush and Clinton for Humanitarian Demining, and Ambassador to the Republic of Angola. He also served on the National Security Council staff as Senior Director for African Affairs, and was Deputy White House Press Secretary at the start of the Clinton Administration.

Swanee Hunt is Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and is Chair of Inclusive Security: Women Waging Peace, and previously served as Ambassador to Austria. She is a contributing editor to The American Benefactor, and is a founder of the Women's Foundation of Colorado and the Hunt Alternatives Fund. She is the author of This is Not Our War published in 2004 by Duke University.

In November 2004, Women Waging Peace hosted a delegation of 16 Sudanese women peacebuilders, and organized seven days of meetings in New York and Washington. The Wilson Center joined Women Waging Peace in sponsoring several Washington-area events. Based on consultations during their time in the United States, the women produced a set of policy recommendations on how to best promote peace and reconstruction in Sudan. A series of interviews on women in conflict situations is available via the website for the Wilson Center's Dialogue