5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Sudans Working Group Meeting: A Private Discussion with Honorable Roger Nkodo Dang, President of the Pan-African Parliament


The Wilson Center Africa Program’s Sudans Working Group met on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 for a private roundtable discussion with Honorable Roger Nkodo Dang, the President of the Pan-African Parliament, and H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao, the African Union Ambassador to the United States. Dr. Monde Muyangwa, Director of the Wilson Center Africa Program, offered welcoming remarks, and Ambassador Alan Goulty, former United Kingdom Ambassador to Sudan and Africa Program Global Fellow, moderated the discussion. The roundtable was attended by members of the Pan-African Parliament and representatives from the government, NGO, and academic sectors from the U.S. and Africa.

This discussion centered around the Pan-African Parliament’s assessment visit to Sudan and their report on the current political and socio-economic environment, as well as the current state of and way forward on sanctions. A focus of the Pan-African Parliament’s report was the dire state of health and education sectors in Sudan and the difficulties of making strides in these areas due to pressing security concerns, migration, and the economic effects of sanctions. Representatives debated future prospects for lifting or revising sanctions against Sudan, including instituting more strategic sanctions that address the core challenges. Key areas identified for future work include continuing efforts to bolster the business, education, and health sectors in Sudan; addressing systemic human rights concerns and religious persecution; developing more robust and inclusive data on the effects of sanctions; and, examining policies towards internally displaced persons and refugees that draw on lessons learned from across the Continent.

Overall, the event was a timely opportunity to exchange views on current issues in Sudan and opportunities for future engagement around the key issues affecting Sudanese citizens and the wider region.

Through the Sudans Working Group, the Africa Program provides a platform for engaging U.S., African, and international policymakers and stakeholders in inclusive and forward-leaning dialogue aimed at advancing the prospects for peace, security, and development between and within the Sudans. The Sudans Working Group is co-chaired by Ambassador Goulty and Ambassador Nureldin Satti.

This event was held under Chatham House non-attribution rule.