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Superando los ciclos de pobreza: Lecciones de Latinoamérica

Date & Time

Oct. 25, 2016
9:00am – 10:00am

Superando los ciclos de pobreza: Lecciones de Latinoamérica

(Overcoming Structural Poverty: Lessons from Latin America) 

Kellie Meiman of McLarty Associates and Cynthia Arnson of the Latin American Program co-led a Spanish-language roundtable featuring Benito Baranda, founder of América Solidaria, an anti-poverty organization.  Baranda is a Gabriela Mistral and Fulbright honoree, and one of Latin America’s most influential community mobilizers.

In his presentation, Baranda discussed the mission and goal of América Solidaria, and emphasized the importance of international and inter-hemispheric cooperation in the fight against childhood poverty. He also talked about civil society, explaining how communities all over the Americas have the capacity to work together to fight poverty in the most sustainable way. 


Photo Credit: América Solidaria Chile

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Benito Baranda

Founder, América Solidaria
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Latin American Program

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