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The Challenge of Governance: Lessons from Mexico City - A Conversation with Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera

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The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and the Atlantic Council were pleased to host a discussion with Mexico City’s mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera. As mayor of one of the world's largest cities, Dr. Mancera has been on the cutting edge of innovations in urban planning as a tool to address environmental, economic, social welfare and public security challenges.

Mayor Mancera started his political career in 2000 as Adviser to the Assembly of Representatives of the Federal District, in the Committee on Enforcement and Administration of Justice. In 2005, he served as Legal Director of the Ministry of Social Development of the Federal District and Member of the Federal District Judiciary, and in 2006 as Deputy Attorney of Process and Central Preliminary Investigations in the Attorney General’s Office. By 2008 he was Attorney General of the Federal District. In 2012, Dr. Mancera was elected Head of Government of the Federal District after being candidate of the Progressive Movement coalition, formed by the Party of the Democratic Revolution, the Labor Party and the Citizen's Movement Party.



Jason Marczak
Deputy Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin American Center, Atlantic Council

A Conversation with Miguel Ángel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City

Moderated by: 

Andrew Selee
Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

Closing Remarks

Duncan Wood
Director, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

*This event was conducted in Spanish, with interpretation to English available.